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Please contact the office if you have room for other supporters on your boat or RIB.

More » Published am on Despite losing some days to awful weather, the Club managed to come in just ahead of 2018 in respect of our Cowes Week revenue; partly helped by the massive boost from the Chamber of Commerce lunch which was held during a particularly fruity deluge.

I met several people in the past week who are holding on to their substances or failing relationships as if they will save them from the drudgery of every day life.

Greece & Turkey, combined or apart these are wonderful charter destinations not to be missed in the East Med.

At the gateway to the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by sturdy walls under steep cliffs, discover the fishing town of Lagos.

Awaiting you are unique experiences involving the sea and its riches.

Establishing a good relationship with another person is a domino effect of establishing a good relationship with ourselves, which is a domino effect of knowing ourselves, which is a domino effect of slowing down and applying our consciousness to our body and breathing. That deep shift of consciousness re-aligns all the conditions and circumstances in our lives, and where previously there was scarcity of love, it brings abundance of love.

We need to be in a good relationship with ourselves if we want to be in a good relationship with another person.

A massive thank you to all of the staff, some of whom put in an immense effort in respect of the hours worked.

There were a few issues, the coffee More » Published am on New Volunteers Needed To make the Island Sailing Club the very best it can be, we need fresh enthusiasm and fresh ideas, and so we need new people.

Then we will become brave enough to drop the mask and to show our true self to the world.

Then and only then we will be able to connect with another person in a genuine and authentic way.

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Head towards the horizon and the lands of the Indies by taking the route of the Portuguese seafarers, and discover coves hidden among the cliffs as you search for virgin sands and unspoilt locations on your way to the Sagres Promontory.

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