Science connection dating site

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Science connection dating site

[...] I found the link on the Harvard Magazine personals website, where there is some of the most overheated, egomaniacal self-descriptions I've ever read. The seriousness and quality of your members seems to be much greater than what I've seen on eharmony and I'm enormously enjoying the new world you have helped open.

I should have considered searching for people with a scientific background similar to my own earlier." "The intellectual quality of the men is very high. I don't know if this is a typical reaction, but you should know that I have never (at least not since university) met so many fascinating and intelligent people in such a short time period.

In my very brief membership in Science Connect, I've been very, very impressed with the candor of members in their profiles, and in the two email contacts to me by female members. I think part of the charm of this wonderfully insightful site is that people in general DO respond - and I have to say that a 67% response rate is alot higher than my experience on other services!!!

He keeps saying to me, "Why didn't I join Sci Connect earlier? " He did finally realize what a great dating site you have and that's what matters.

How else could semi-reclusive woods-walkers meet, anyway, without joining a group (ugh! Thank-you thank-you." "I wasn't sure what to expect with Science Connection, but I have been very thankful for the results.

As a busy surgeon, I didn't have time for dating, wanted to find an intelligent, sensitive man, with as much passion for adventure as I have...

Haven't met anyone who gives me goose bumps yet, but I'm having such a good time, it doesn't really matter.

I especially liked getting in contact with men from "I've been meeting Sci connect women regularly through the get-togethers that Matt organizes here in the DC area.

One of these Sci connect women has become a good friend.

I have met someone locally, through Science connection, whom I have grown to love very much.

Our relationship is young, but we are both old enough to know what feels 'right', and this is it." "I almost had tears in my eyes to have found you-all. After that, plus the agony of e Harmony (terrible spellers) and Chemistry, Sci Connect is a veritable oasis." "I think this is a great service you have. It's a great way for a busy woman to feel like she's doing something to meet a buddy or kindred spirit..." "...

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I for one, feel this probably constitutes the ultimate re. Far superior to the other more expensive, flashy and somewhat phony dating services." "After contacting and speaking with a few of the women in Sci Con, I have to tell you how pleasantly astonished I am at their caliber!

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