Science of dating events using ice

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Science of dating events using ice

This allows for the reconstruction of an older Greenland record through the derivation of the nearly million-year-long Antarctic ice core record.

This Item is protected by copyright and/or related rights. The latter modulates atmospheric inter-basin freshwater transport across Central America, which changes the freshwater budget in the North Atlantic and thus the circulation.They further suggest the existence of a window of AMOC bistability ('sweet spot' for abrupt climate changes) associated with ice volume and atmospheric CO2, accounting for the occurrences of D-O type events under intermediate glacial conditions in the late Pleistocene. Palmer, Anne S.; van Ommen, Tas D.; Curran, Mark A. 1815 Tambora eruption is observed in the austral summer of A. The largest eruption observed in the Law Dome record has its maximum in A. 1460 with volcanic sulfate deposition beginning in the austral winter of A. This is at least three years later than the date previously ascribed by dendrochronological and historical studies.

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Ice core evidence from Antarctic cores suggests that the Dansgaard–Oeschger events are related to the so-called Antarctic Isotope Maxima by means of a coupling of the climate of the two hemispheres, the Bi-polar Seesaw.