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Sexlivein nigeria

He indicated interest in hiring me after working with his organisation for some time. Right from the time he was brought to Nasarawa, one of the states surrounding Abuja to the Southeast, Imo had always wanted to move to the capital city of Nigeria.It was not until April of 2014 that he was able to realise his dream of doing so.

One of his conclusions from the comparison is that most people working in the formal sector, both state owned and private, seem laid back…or they have a lackadaisical attitude towards work.“You can’t schedule a meeting for anytime earlier than 9 a.m.,” he noted with great concern.

Of course, the chances of meeting any of the 109 senators or the 360 House of Representatives members, or even important members of the diplomatic community are always high if you live in the city’s center or you know the right place to hang out.

Who says you can’t even meet the President or his deputy?

If there is one thing the multi-award-winning editor would change about Abuja, it would be to to insert the goal-getting work attitude of Lagosians into workers in the city.

Other concerns he has may be categorised as travails of a newcomer.

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Though Imo is yet to have what he can describe as his big break in the capital city, he has come close to it in the three years he has been there.

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