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Tenerife north dating

The KLM jumbo preparing for take-off is understood to have clipped the Pan-Am plane which was taxiing across the runway.

Ultimately, the crash was blamed on the KLM pilot who had not checked if he was clear for take-off and sped down the foggy runway.

Unit B is thus a pumiceous gravel, and its composition is much more varied than unit A: local-derived basalts are mixed with phonolites, hydrothermally altered rocks, syenites, obsidian and subangular pumices.

Here we document tsunami deposits at high elevation (up to 132 m) on the north-western slopes of Tenerife, Canary Islands, as a new evidence of megatsunami generated by volcano flank failure.Black squares with numbers correspond to wave gauge used for numerical simulations (Supplementary Table 4).Note limits of the Icod flank failure and Diego Hernandez—El Abrigo caldera in the background.The thickness of unit A ranges from 40 cm to 1.5 m, but its base is not visible.Upper unit B is also a coarse gravel, but it is slightly finer than unit A, matrix-supported, and considerably enriched in pumices relative to unit A.

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It will once again place security at Spanish airports under the spotlight, hard pressed by package tour flights.

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