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Thinkers and feelers dating

As an introverted thinker, I found the activity to be really helpful.

First we broke into two groups–introverts and extroverts–and brainstormed helpful and unhelpful communication tactics.

They will be quick to point out every single way a person is potentially going to fail them in a relationship, and often unfairly so (nobody is perfect, everybody fails at some point). Deep thinkers can often make things unnecessarily complicated, whether that’s overthinking what it means that they were rejected, then internalizing that feeling of unworthiness and letting it control them, or even something as simple as what to say on an online dating profile. When a reality they choose disrupts their fantasies, it can be traumatizing. They fall in love with who a person is more than what they make them feel.

Of course, this is all in an effort to try to shield themselves from potential pain (which everybody is guilty of, to be fair). A deep thinker wants a “because.” They love someone they are aligned on political beliefs and have shared interests and similar future plans, not just because they feel something in their chest when that person walks by.

Reading between the lines can be a common trap for couples.

"The more different your personality preferences are from the other persons, the more likely you will get it wrong when you try to guess their intentions," says Linden.

That’s what being a human is.) If you have any communication tips to share for your opposite, feel free to share below."Emotion is a moving target and can change rapidly, whereas rational thinkers are far more concrete in their thought process," Ivankovich explains.Talk it out until you both comfortable with a balanced solution—even if you disagree on some points.Please enable cookies on your browser and try again.Today at our staff bonding day, one of my coworkers ran a great activity involving our Myers-Briggs personality assessments in regards to communication.

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These are specifically geared towards how people of the opposite personality type can help with more effective conversation.