Triumph engine number dating

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Triumph engine number dating

The nameplate should contain a model number and a serial number.The model number will identify the year and certain details of that motor.Aftermarket outboard repair manuals are available covering 1958 through 2014.See contents and order aftermarket Johnson Evinrude outboard repair manuals. Your Evinrude outboard model number can usually be found on the nameplate located on the motor or the mounting bracket.As I am led to believe, this conversion took place in 1970 at the big bike shop in Texas.I am going to sell the barrels and pistons, as I don't believe the bike to be a T120rt, as it is a tiger and not a bonneville.The code consisted of three parts, the first as two letters giving month and year respectively, the second was a five digit number and the third a model code. After dating and identifying many thousands of BSA's we have found that often a bike was built or shipped outside the dates given by the lettering system so this should only be used as a rough guide to the year and month of your machine.The numbering started at the beginning of each season and always started at 00100 leaving the first 99 for experimental use.

it was sold and resold several times and all the buyers contacted me.We will supply back to you on Museum letterhead a statement of whether the number is from the lists in our files.We will keep these homologation numbers and your provided information in our files and confidential.Machines re-These lists have been compiled from numbers listed in the parts books from 1930 until the factory closed in 1973 and from known bikes up until 1930.The list was compiled painstakingly by the club's Librarian Steven Foden.

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Increased value equals increased interest, but unfortunately, there’s been nothing to keep an unscrupulous restorer from hopping up a standard Bonneville and passing it off as an RT. Unfortunately, a lack of official records has made that impossible – until now, as Motorcycle Hall of Fame Executive Director Mark Mederski tells us in the following note.

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