Typical male online dating profile

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Typical male online dating profile

We recommend searching for all photos you receive on multiple search engines Keep in mind, however, that a negative result does not guarantee you are not dealing with a scammer.

Some scammers plan ahead and verify that their photos will not trigger any search results, or even edit them so they aren't a match, and they may even then encourage you to search for them, using the lack of results as "proof" they are honest.

is a search site, similar to google, that analyzes and catalogs photos across many internet sites.

When you submit a photo to Tineye, it will search for a match to that photo in its catalog.

Scammers playing males choose professions that make them appear to be successful and reliable.

They also choose professions that can explain why they are not in their "home country." Favorite choices include: Engineer Architect International antique/jewelry/art dealer Sports recruiter Soldier serving in a war zone Scammers want to look innocent, reliable, and free of "bad" habits.

Scammers playing males:-When playing a male, scammers may use model photos, but they may also use more "average" photos.-If using models, is a favorite, but they could use any modeling site on the internet.-If using more "average" photos, they will often copy photos from a social networking site such as facebook or myspace.-Scammers playing male characters will occasionally reuse photos of previous male victims.

-If the person is in military uniform, does the name on the uniform match the person's name?

What are the common characteristics of an African’s writing style?

What are the common characteristics of a Russians writing style?

Tineye has captured photos on a wide variety of sites, including parts of wikipedia and several dating sites, so it may help you to identify use of public figures' photos and to find other dating profiles using the same photos.

like all photo searching software, it is limited, and may not identify edited or cropped photos.

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Most of these add-ons allow you to simply right-click a photo for a photo search menu.