Updating imported data in excel

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Updating imported data in excel

These changes can include adding columns or tables, or changing the rows that are imported.Note that addition of data, changing data, or editing filters always triggers recalculation of DAX formulas that depend on that data source.Is there a solution (VBA code) to refresh both the External data source and pivot tables together within a time schedule (If suppose we set a timer) by clicking Under the connection properties, uncheck "Enable background refresh".

You can change the name of a column in a table in the Data Model as follows − The name of the column in the header will get highlighted.To change the data in your Data Model, you can edit the connection information or update the definition of the tables and columns used in your Data Model in the Power Pivot window.You can make the following changes to the existing data sources − You can modify the connection that you have created to an external data source by changing the external data source used by the current connection. Depending on the type of the data source you are changing, the provider might be different.However, the procedure to be followed depends on the data source type. Also the properties that are available may require change.Consider a simple example of a connection to an Excel workbook that contains the data.

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When you save the current set of table properties, you will get a message – Please wait.

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