Updating maps on garmin nuvi 660

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Updating maps on garmin nuvi 660

At the end, this is all stupid and messed up, it was not handled correctly by Garmin from the start.first, they shipped the maps to a couple of their vendors before they offered them on Garmin's website second, said the updates would be free for new owners within 30 days, I was told that by support third, they offer it free for 650 (which is discontinued) yet the 660 does not qualify since it's not in production.I can basically return it, get a newer model, qualify for the free map upgrade and still end up where I started, 0, what do you think?oh yah, and please if you experience the same issue, write a review about the 660 so they know we can do something about their reputation if they try to screw with their customers like this.The new series has been out since last year around August or September. Why do you think they came out with the new series in the first place. Garmin has the best GPS customer service by far of any manufacturer. Sorry for being so direct but it is tiresome listening to all the crying... I just dont understand one thing - why they are causing ppl to return their units to the stores - that's plain dumb - the stores would have hard time to sale the refurbished, discontinued models. Instead they can offer the free update and everybody will be happy - garmin makes a sale, customer gets an updated unit!

However, lets' see if they start to give the free update for free on the 660, that would really be messed up and they will really get a nice call from me.

No wonder ppl are pirating the updates on bit torrent!

And those so-called updates are not really updates - most of the roads added in the updates are not just built between the map releases - they are adding things they missed the first time!

So, I wanted to share this with you guy who have bought the 660 recently.

Call, be nice and see if they would discount the map.

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If the rep doesnt like to help, just ask for supervisor!

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