Updating mysql database with php

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Updating mysql database with php

The update keyword is basically used to modify or edit the existing records in the database table.

it usually need a where clause to find out in which record change is to be done.

And this is how a value in a My SQL table can be updated using PHP.

Hi all, I am very new to PHP and MYSQL and have a class assignment I need help with.

As well as using a loop to get information from a database as we have before, you can also use loops to execute queries.

Try out following example to understand update operation.

You need to provide an employee ID to update an employee salary.

It is must to specify the where clause otherwise all records of that table got modify.

Syntax In the above example , emp Info table has 3 records of devesh,deepak, and ravi.

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 In this article, we show how to update a value in a My SQL table using PHP.

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