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Updating mythdora

Yes, for those of you that don’t know it yet, you can build your own DVR and finally escape those monthly fees. Mythbuntu comes with Myth TV pre-installed, its purpose is to simplify Myth TV’s installation, which can get complicated for the average user.

All you need is an old computer and a fantastic free software named Mythbuntu, and you will be on your way to having the best DVR system ever imagined! Mythbuntu is basically a Ubuntu Linux distribution specially configured to act as a standalone DVR.

Next, we'll install Myth TV on Ubuntu (8.10) and see how well we fare, while paying attention to small details that might crop up during the setup. You require the database for all your movies, recordings and whatnot: After you complete the installation, you'll get a system information. It tells you how you can reconfigure your database, should anything go wrong.As you can see, configuring Myth TV is not a trivial task. It looks like a very powerful tool for managing anything that as to do with audio or video. So far, Myth TV is probably useful for people capable of administering Linux systems. If you're a TV freak, then you'll love the power and freedom that Myth TV offers you. If you're not a member of rankly.com, you should consider becoming one. At rankly.com, we aim to give you the best of everything - including stuff like the Best Operating System of All Time list.Hello, I have an issue with virtualbox and the new kernel.

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Then I tried to recompile the modules for virtualbox.

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