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Updating netboot image

With Net Boot not being available for the i Mac Pro but still available for other models, it wasn’t yet clear if Net Boot-based workflows for setting up new Macs or rebuilding existing ones were on the way out.

However, Apple’s release of of T2-equipped Mac Book Pros in July 2018 which also could not use Net Boot has made Apple’s direction clear.

Additionally, a The network boot configuration procedure differs based on whether the AMD64/Intel 64 system you want to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux on uses BIOS or UEFI.

Consult your hardware's documentation to see which system is used on your hardware, and then follow the appropriate procedure in this chapter.

After finishing this procedure, the PXE boot server is ready to serve PXE clients.

You can now start the system you want to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux on, select PXE Boot when prompted to specify a boot source, and start the network installation.

Another thing that should be noted is that while Net SUS was originally created by a couple of Jamf employees, it is not a Jamf Product.

It is a Jamf Community Project, hosted in Jamf's Open Source git repo, and maintained by non-Jamfs on their own time to assist the community.

I've got a case open with JAMF and I've been watching this thread: [https://com/jamf-nation/discussions/26726/netsus-cannot-connect-to-smb-share] If I get an answer, I'll be sure to share it.

The base code will be updated shortly, and this fix will be incorporated in the next release.

Unlike most other means of installation, no physical boot media is required to be plugged in the client (that is, the system you are installing into) in order to begin the installation.

For more information, see Section 7.1.2, “Booting from the Network Using PXE”.

The following procedure will prepare the PXE server for booting UEFI-based AMD64/Intel 64 and ARM systems.

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