Updating ps3 2 53 Breastfeeding hook up

Posted by / 06-Sep-2020 12:11

While it was apparent during the past two exploits, as they went nearly a year (with each exploit) without seeing a patch for a softmod, that has kind of shown Sony's hand with its dealing and future intentions with the PS3.

We paused the reporting this on the frontpage until we were pleased with the documentation.

That's already pretty strong, don't you think?

Maybe you have already experienced it before but the News Writers would like to remember you that since the beginning of 2019, we don't only introduce you with the newest Monthly Progress Report for RPCS3, but also some In-Game-Screenshot from various Game Titles provided by the Team from RPCS3, which saw a better compatibility or getting "Ingame" for the very first time.

This will lead many Classic Titles like the "Uncharted Series", "The Last of Us" or "Red Dead Redemption" into a even better Gameplay as you enjoyed them on your original PS3, where those mentioned Game Titles already showed impressive results, as you can check in the video down below..

And the cool thing is, everyone is welcome to contribute their test results showcases their newest Progress Report for May 2019 with another milestone.

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If you are a long follower of their great Project or maybe you are even enjoying your PS3 Game Titles on your PC right now (because "why not"?