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When you click a link, application, or capability AFTER you have reached this threshold inactivity time, you will be taken back to the AF Home Page but do not need to log in again.The reason that you are seeing the "Security Alert" dialog box display is that the Do D Trusted Certificate Chain is not installed on your desktop.

It is available to all users anytime and anywhere an Internet connection is available from or connections with a CAC.

Unlike a traditional reservist, serving one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer, an IR works with the active-component unit to which they are assigned to create a training schedule based on the annual needs of that unit.

An IR will often complete all of their annual training at once.

The AF Portal allows you to quickly find authoritative, relevant data and information, applications and collaboration tools to help you do your job and live your life in the USAF.

Here is a sample of what you can do at the AF Portal: Eliminate numerous passwords.

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