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The team should review all gathered information and further define the problem.

The problem should be defined based on facts and data.

It is much the same with manufacturing problems – if you don’t get to the root cause of the problem, it is eventually (if not frequently) going to re-occur.

The goal of a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is to get down to the true cause of the problem, the root cause.

How do you get started with identifying the true causes of defects?

This article examines 10 techniques that are proven to help you get to the heart of your data quality issues and move from a reactive to proactive and longer-term defect elimination.

The reality is that implementing a solution to eliminate defects may in actual fact “break” other downstream processes and ultimately damage customer satisfaction.

Over time the business and IT communities may have developed specific workarounds or quick-fixes to handle the defective data and by resolving the root-cause of the issue you can in fact cause serious downstream impact.

It may also be necessary to initiate interim containment or corrective actions.An RCA is performed to identify what happened, why it happened and then determine what improvements or changes are required.Through the proper application of RCA, repeat problems can be eliminated.The process can be mapped, analyzed and the root cause (s) of the problems can be identified and resolved.The end result is a happy, loyal customer-base and lower overall cost to the company.

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