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occurs at the start of the document type declaration subset in the SGML document entity.Since repeated definitions of an entity are ignored, this definition will take precedence over any other definitions of this entity in the document type declaration. If the SGML declaration replaces the reserved name INCLUDE then the new reserved name will be the replacement text of the entity.

Output to file the RAST result as defined by ISO/IEC 13695 (actually this isn't quite an IS yet; this implements the Intermediate Editor's Draft of 1994/08/29, with changes to implement ISO/IEC JTC1/SC18/WG8 N1777). sgmldecl Warn about various dubious constructions in the SGML declaration.Multiple comments in a single comment declaration will result in multiple distinct _ commands, just as if the comments were each in a separate comment declaration. As a further security precaution, this option limits filesnames to the characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9, '?omitted Output an o command before a command which was implied by the input document, but omitted from the actual markup. ', '.', '_', '-' and does not allow filenames containing "..". The following values of type enable warnings: xml Warn about constructs that are not allowed by XML.empty Output an e command for elements which are not allowed to have an end-tag, that is those with a declared content of empty or with a content reference attribute.notation-sysid Output an f command before an N command, if a system identifier could be generated for that notation.

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data-attribute Output the notation name and attributes for DATA attributes.

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