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Wang zi and rainie yang dating

Sharing more memories from their time together as a couple, Alien said at the time when they were dating, Rainie had already been signed with a management company, and if they were on the streets holding hands, Rainie would immediately jump away from him if she saw anyone looking.

Rainie added that at the time she hadn’t yet debuted as an artist and already thought she would be recognised by the public.

It may have sounded like a sweet first kiss, but Alien claims when it happened he felt like he had just been punched.

The pair have already filmed some scenes together and Rainie described Alien as “extremely nervous” and “walking very stiffly” on the first day of filming. There is a kiss in store for the pair to film in the future, and when asked about this, Alien replied that his thoughts and imagination about the upcoming scene are limitless.

With a new album release nearly every year since her singing career began in 2005, Taiwanese actress/singer Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) will continue the trend when she releases her eighth studio album, Angel Wings , on August 23.

Rainie and Alien dated for two years in high school and in the interview, Rainie revealed that Alien was on the receiving end of her first kiss, “Before I got on the bus, I suddenly gave him a kiss on the lips” she said.Li Qin Ai (Rainie Yang) is a 31-year-old magazine photographer who is happy with her career and her relationship with her boyfriend, Zhou Li Yang (Johnny Lu).She has tried hard to forget her first love, Dai Hai An (Lan Cheng-lung), after they broke up 10 years ago.However, they are really good friends and keep in touch all the time through Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter).Many fans want Gui Gui and Aaron Yan to be together.

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