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They welcomed him into the world on January 29, 2015, still in Barcelona, Spain.

They love to share adorable pictures of the boys and can we blame them, it would be a crime to keep all that to themselves.

The star has 8 older half siblings from her father’s previous marriage, which is a lot, but here are their names.

Her half brothers are Tonino Mebarak, Alberto Mebarak, Edward Mebarak, Antonio Mebarak and Moises Mebarak while her half sisters are Patricia Mebarak, Ana Mebarak and Lucy Mebarak.

Folks in the entertainment industry regular jump from one relationship to the next, but for Shakira and her partner Gerard Piqué, a Spanish professional soccer player, their love is still going strong almost a decade after meeting.

The couple have two children together, Milan, 6, and Sasha, 4, and some might say their relationship was destiny. They share the same birthday, February 2, though 10 years apart; Shakira is 42 and Piqué is 32.

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"I think, if you can prove the existence of God, it can only be proven through love. And suddenly I meet Gerard and the sun comes out."To celebrate their romance, revisit how it all started.There’s no better way to explore that side than to check out Shakira’s husband and her other family members. Oh well, having a family is one those things that almost every one on the planet can relate to, not being a singer or having a net worth of 0 million.So now that we have that all cleared up, let’s move on to the topic of Shakira’s husband or lack thereof.It also explains how they started a family and are still head over heels for each other. If you've listened to the lyrics of Shakira's single, "Me Enamoré," then you know a little bit about the beginning of her whirlwind romance with Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué.

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