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Wife in web cam sex

On only one occasion, did my wife ever go away from home to travel to another city and spend the night, with another man in his home; and this is the story about that experience.

Levi was a mid-30's, handsome, single man of Italian decent, whose olive complexion and jet black hair told of his heritage.

I got the thong off her while I was eating her pussy and then I didn't let her put it back on when we went out to dinner.

A couple of times while were at the restaurant, I slid a hand under the table and tickled that pussy of hers." My cock was hard as a rock listening to Levi describe what my wife had done, changing into a sexy outfit for him and then letting him finger her in a restaurant.

This dog is engulfing her teats and giving her worthwhile fun.

She is engulfing his ramrod and getting astounding fun and enjoying precious company of him.

I realized that was not a good move in case he never showed up on line, I wouldn't be able to call him to see what was going on.

So, early one Saturday afternoon, Brandie put an overnight bag in her car and left for the three and half hour drive to Levi's.

She would probably get there about four in the afternoon.

My wife, Brandie, and I, have enjoyed the "HOT Wifing" lifestyle for many years.

But our thing, (or maybe I should say, my thing), was all about sharing her with other men, in male-female-male threesomes, with me being one of the men.

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