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Www endyourdatingmisery com

Lucky for you, you can save your love life by learning these 7 major tips.Hookups and uncommitted sex became more frequent in the 1920s with the invention of the automobile.

Labeling your relationship as casual is like putting a Band-Aid on a severed knee.

Sadly, your character plots and story lines can turn for the worse, when you refuse to be honest about who you are.

It takes a strong sense of security to have uncommitted sex and be in a casual relationship.

Use this information to understand what gives you pleasure.

A study published in the Medline Plus Medical Encyclopedia, titled Orgasmic Dysfunction, states that thirty-free to 50 percent of women experience infrequent orgasms or are dissatisfied with their partners after sex.

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People who are not committed in a series relationship may not be focused on pleasing their partner.